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Quality is crucial in genetic testing, as you need to partner with a company offering long standing experience in genetic data interpretation and sequencing technology, run by Geneticists and involved in day by day Medical Genetics practice, both with health professionals and patients.

Breda Genetics offers you all of this, but we also know how budget is important and often a limiting factor in getting a good service.

So, to grant you access to our premium test portfolio, we offer you the possibility to match the prices of any competitor. Just tell us the quotation you have been given for the service you are looking for and, if possible, we’ll match it with a better offer. You may also send requests for sequencing only services.

We accept price match requests for quotations of any major company.

To access the price match request form you must be logged-in.

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Terms and conditions: Genetic tests are complex analytical processes, which may be carried-on by using different techniques and methodologies from lab to lab, even for the same gene or subset of genes. Therefore, involved costs and final prices may vary significantly from a company to another one. Breda Genetics offers High Genetics services, based on high-throughput sequencing, articulated bioinformatics and deep human work in the clinical interpretation of genetic results. Our Medical Reports are fully exhaustive of both the main clinical question as well as in regard of any possible clinical fading. As such, especially for whole exome and whole genome sequencing, our reports may contain a significant higher amount of information than reports delivered by other facilities. Because of this, it might not be possible to match any price, although we’ll really strive to do it! Any offered combination of price and/or TAT will be valid for 30 days, being possibly renewable upon customer’s request. The price given is valid for electronic orders only (see the page Make an order); paper orders might be subject to an additional charge. The price match request service is available to private companies and public institutions only (private patients may simply submit their request to info@bredagenetics.com). Additional documentation might be requested by Breda Genetics to the user to prove the competitor’s offer consistency and veracity in terms of price, service details, and TAT.